Trademark Services – order online in 3 steps

We are pleased to offer you freqently requested services for the registration of trademarks and neighbouring services in an easy and innovative way online. There are only 3 steps to go:

  1. Select service (eg EU trademark registration)
  2. Complete information (brand names, goods and services, etc.)
  3. Go to checkout

As experienced lawyers, however, we believe that you should not only profit from the quick and easy way to order, but from our highly professional qualification in trademark law, our loyalty and our secrecy, too. For safety reasons, you always should have trademarks registered by a lawyer. If required, it is always just a short step to get legal advice on

Register, research, monitor, extend and transfer trademarks

What we do for you is, along trademark registration, for example researching existing trademarks, monitoring your trademark, extending trademark rights, or registration of a change of the owner. We also forward the fees for trademark applications or other transactions to the EUIPO, DPMA or WIPO to make it as convenient as possible for you. Various options are available within the products. We are also happy to accept individual orders and complex projects concerning your trademark strategy. Just contact us.

One-stop shop: we organize the fee payment to the trademark offices

Please note that the official fees are added to the price for our service. Basically the applicant has to pay the fees separately to the office. But with, you can have the EUIPO official fees or DPMA office fees paid by us as expenses by ordering the corresponding service. If you are not yet sure which administration fees are incurred, you can also register the registration with us first and pay the official fee later.

Get our legal advise if you are going to register a trademark!

If you need information on which service to choose, we will be pleased to help you. We are at your disposal for any questions regarding trademark registrations in Europe and Germany – please contact us, we will advise you immediately!